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The Solution: Standard Time

Simple and efficient. Globally engaged.

All over the world, modern, forward-looking economies such as Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Dubai, and the European Union have abolished 'daylight saving' and are embracing the benefits of a fixed, year-round, standard time zone.

Standard Time

For Australia


^ Proposed system

Australia will soon need to choose its permanent year-round time zones. We should adopt three fixed simple time zones of GMT+8, +9, and +10, to simplify trade, travel, and communications.

Our original time zones as at Federation were GMT+8, +9, and +10, for western, central and eastern. These are our correct geographic time zones. It would work for everyone, bring Australia's states closer together, and bring us closer to our Asian neighbours and European friends.

The benefits of Standard Time would be immediately visible. Trade, travel and communications within Australia would be greatly simplified. There would be just a 1-hour step change when crossing laterally between states, and a maximum 2-hour time gap between east and west coasts.

The improved balance between city and rural would also go hand in hand with inland development.

And travel overseas would suddenly become easier - we'd be closer to Asian and European time zones, which means less jetlag and less confusion working out the time in another country.

Global trade would also improve - we'd be closer to the world and with simplified time zones. Australia could become an Asia-Pacific business hub.

Brighter mornings would be enjoyed by many, and this is important for the human bio-rhythm - it signals us to become active and start the day. And with the clocks set to Standard Time, individuals and businesses would be free to schedule their day however they want. The 9-to-5 might become the 8-to-4 during the summer months, so that people can get out of work and enjoy the summer. Flexible work and home-working is becoming the norm, and this has to be part of the plan.

The freedom to plan our day however we want, in accordance with our own unique body clock, will be fantastic for our health.

With many countries around the world currently switching off daylight saving and embracing the benefits of Standard Time, now is the time to seize the opportunities and make our lives simpler and easier.

And the great Australian summer will still come around right on schedule - that much is guaranteed!

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